Sovereign citizen


Besides James Fields, here are 10 other hate and extremism cases to know about this week

The high-profile trial of neo-Nazi James Alex Fields Jr. has been getting all the attention this week.


The Alleged Holy Fire Arsonist Seems Obsessed with Conspiracy Theories

Forrest Clark's Facebook page is filled with posts about miracle cancer cures, Qanon, and supposed secret pedophile rings.


What we know about the Baton Rouge gunman and the 'sovereign citizen' movement

Before he attacked police officers in Louisiana, gunman Gavin Long expressed interest in a black offshoot of the typically white anti-government movement.


Alabama ​Police Killed a 'Sovereign Citizen' Who Was Dropping Off a Stray Animal at a Shelter

On Tuesday, police in Dothan, Alabama, fatally shot a reported member of the loosely-defined "sovereign citizen" movement after he refused to show a government-issued ID to employees at an animal shelter.