Soviet Russia


You Can Buy Actual Moon Rocks for the First Time in Decades

Now's your chance to blow a million bucks on some "tremendously rare" space pebbles.


In Soviet Russia, Forbidden Music Was Smuggled on X-Ray Records

'Bone Music' is a unique exhibition exploring the Soviet subculture of recording forbidden music on X-ray films.


Short Film Celebrates First Spacecraft to Send Data Back from Another Planet

Venera 4 threw itself into the Venusian inferno so we wouldn’t have to.


Bitches in Space: Remembering Soviet Russia's Fleet of Female Dog Cosmonauts

In her book "Soviet Space Dogs," feminist art historian Olesya Turkina revisits Soviet Russia's obsession with the dogs the government launched into orbit to test the safety of space travel.


The Year the Soviets Owned the Moon

​The USSR was killin’ it with lunar exploration in 1959.​


Take a Photo Tour of Long-Forgotten Soviet Russian Arcade Games

The machines were designed and constructed in defense factories that mostly produced things like ICBM electronics and yield sensors for underground nuclear testing.


The World's Most Famous Assault Rifle Is Getting Rebranded

The AK-47 is possibly the most recognizable weapon on earth, and it's getting a new logo and ad campaign.


No One Wants to Live in the Arctic City of Vorkuta Anymore

Ideas the local council has come up with in order to boost the town's profile have included a proposal to use the area for nuclear tests and restoring the gulag into a leisure park.


In Mars's Robot Graveyard, the First Soviet Rover May Finally Have Been Found

It would be awesome if this turned out to be the lost lander.