Soviet Union


Craig Mazin's Years-Long Obsession with Making 'Chernobyl' Terrifyingly Accurate

"We had a general standing philosophy from the beginning, which was: Accuracy is everything to us."
Drew Schwartz

How Russia Fell in Love with Candy Bars Made of Blood

Many Soviet children grew up loving the sweetness, texture, and slight metallic twang of Hematogen bars—without knowing what was in them.
Mark Hay
Space Junk

A Defunct Soviet Venus Probe Will Crash Into Earth After Decades in Orbit

Skywatchers say Kosmos 482, which was designed to withstand the harsh environment of Venus, will likely land on Earth intact.
Becky Ferreira

The Strange, Brutal Connection Between Russian Prison Tats and Playing Cards

"Tea or cigarettes might be wagered, but also fingers, ears, eyes, or even the lives of other inmates—or the life of the player himself."
Alex Norcia
Russian Road Trip

Road-Tripping to One of the Most Radioactive Places on Earth

VICE's Abdullah Saeed, Danielle Neftin, and Dina Rayzman venture through Russia and into Kazakhstan to visit the "Polygon," the Soviet Union's primary nuclear test site.
VICE Staff

How Howard Hughes Helped the CIA Try to Steal a Russian Nuclear Sub

The expensive attempt was largely a mechanical failure, but it was still one of the stranger covert ops in US history.
Seth Ferranti

Photos from Transnistria, the Country That Doesn't Exist

The United Nations may not formally recognize the country's independence, but 500,000 Transnistrians deserve to be seen.
Adina Florea

What It Was Like to Work at a Russian Gulag

Ivan Chistyakov was living a modern life in the city, working as an engineer and checking out plays and movies. Then he got shipped off to Siberia.
Seth Ferranti
Remembering Things

30 Years Ago, Billy Joel Had a Meltdown in Moscow

In 1987, the piano man tried to bridge the gap between the US and the Soviet Union, and threw an onstage tantrum in the process.
Dan Ozzi
Motherboard Guide to Cinema

This Cult 80s Film About the Nuclear Apocalypse Is Still Relevant, and That Sucks

Steve de Jarnatt’s ‘Miracle Mile’ offers a grim look at the world hours before nuclear apocalypse, kicked off by a pre-emptive strike by the US.
Daniel Oberhaus

My Father, the Cold War Spy

Eva Dillon's memoir, 'Spies in the Family,' reveals the untold personal side to the American and Soviet spies who helped avert nuclear war.
Mary von Aue
Fallen Cosmonauts

The Martyr of Modern Spaceflight

Vladimir Komarov was the first human to die during a spaceflight. His death, 50 years ago today, led to the creation of the most reliable spacecraft in operation.
Becky Ferreira