A Brief History of Conservatives Using Tofu-Eating as an Insult

Ted Cruz's recent remarks come from a long line of right-wingers mocking people for eating soy products.
Jelisa Castrodale
Trade wars

A Ship Full of Soybeans Has Been Drifting Aimlessly for a Month Because of Trump’s Trade Wars

Peak Pegasus has been loitering off the coast of China since July 6.
Danielle Wayda

Rib Eye with Nam Jim

You could cook any meat and serve it with nam jim and have a perfect meal always.
Louis Tikaram
Stinky tofu

Hairy, Stinky Tofu Is the Stuff of Smelly Dreams

I went to Kunming, in China’s southwestern Yunnan province, to find the city's famous version of stinky tofu, which turns deliciously sour and moldy after a few days' rest. But don't believe the haters, because stinky tofu doesn’t taste like farts.
Brent Crane
korean food

Korean Food Is About So Much More Than Barbecue

These dishes are there for you on those days when you don’t want your clothes to smell like a well-charred s’more shortly thereafter.
Javier Cabral

Repel Demons and Win Good Fortune by Throwing Soy Beans in Japan

Setsubun, a holiday marking the beginning of Spring in Japan’s old lunar calendar, is a day filled with rituals to rid your house of past demons and encourage good luck in the year ahead.
Jessica Thompson
japanese food

Jellyfish Stings Might Make You Allergic to Natto

Being outdoors can expose you to critters that sting—and believe it or not, a sting by the wrong varmint might mean that you can no longer eat the foods you love. Natto lovers, stay out of the ocean.
Alex Swerdloff

Meat May Be Murder, But Tofu Is Too

In Brazil, land is being cleared at an alarming rate to plant every vegetarian's favorite crop: Soy.
Lauren Rothman