space colonization


Leaving Earth Comes with Serious Psychological Risks

The film ‘Aniara’ asks what humans are without our home world.


This Salad Was Grown in Antarctica

A new German greenhouse has its first harvest on the icy continent.


Watch Bricks Made of Moondust Being Forged in a Solar Furnace

The DLR German Aerospace Center is pioneering the art of lunar brick-making.


If We Colonize a Neighboring Solar System, Thank Guillem Anglada-Escudé

The man who discovered Proxima Centauri b says he was inspired by sci-fi to search for other worlds for humans to colonize.


Why ‘The Martian’ Author Won’t Join Elon Musk’s Mars Mission

Andy Weir still believes SpaceX can go the distance.


Watch Elon Musk Explain How He Will Get Our Asses To Mars

We'll get there on the BFR—Big Fucking Rocket.


How NASA Developed the Psychedelic Blueprints for the First Cities in Space

Forty years ago, the first serious blueprint for building cities in space was drawn almost on a whim. The artists NASA hired ended up making something that looks like 2001: A Space Odyssey on ayahuasca.


Elon Musk and Craig Venter Want to Print Life on Mars

Musk and the genetics pioneer have discussed how printed life could help terraform Mars.


When Will Humans Live on Mars?

​It's a bit of a strange thing to think about, but the Earth is going to die someday.


A Scientist Is Growing Asparagus In Meteorites to Prepare Us for Space Farming

It's not impossible to grow plants in seemingly inhospitable environments.


Our Best Bet for Colonizing Space May Be Printing Humans on Other Planets

"Maybe we will colonize other worlds not with astronauts in space suits, but with bacteria," says NASA's lead engineer on the Curiosity Rover mission.