Space Junk


A Mysterious 'Fireball' Was Spotted In Chile and Nobody Knows What It Was

A meteor? Space junk? Nobody knows, but officials investigated whether the mysterious object, or objects, started several fires.


Watch Scientists Torch a Satellite to Help Protect People From Space Debris

Burning up satellite parts in laboratories could help reduce the amount of space debris that impacts Earth.


A Defunct Soviet Venus Probe Will Crash Into Earth After Decades in Orbit

Skywatchers say Kosmos 482, which was designed to withstand the harsh environment of Venus, will likely land on Earth intact.


Scientists Want to Monitor Space Debris from Warming Russian Arctic

A MIPT team is building prototype observatories over the coming weeks in Amderma, Nenets Autonomous Region.


Watch This Net Capture Orbital Space Debris for the First Time in History

Not only does the net look cool as hell, it’s addressing a major problem for the future of space exploration.


Astronomers Are Annoyed at a New Zealand Company That Launched a Disco Ball Into Orbit

The Humanity Star is a poetic and entirely useless satellite. For astronomers, however, it’s a pain in the ass.


A Piece of Space Junk Has The Best, Most Existential Twitter Account

An art project imagines what a piece of space junk would say if it could talk back to Earth, and to other decommissioned satellites in orbit.


You Can Adopt a Piece of Space Junk and It Will Tweet at You

‘Adrift’ aims to raise awareness about the dangers of space debris by allowing you to watch, listen and adopt the junk in orbit.


This Canadian Helped Humanity Fly To Pluto

Frédéric Pelletier navigated the spacecraft from Quebec City.


How the UN’s Top Outer Space Boss Will Fight Space Debris

Asteroids, space weather, flying junk: David Kendall has his work cut out for him.


We Need to Clear Up Space Debris to Make Way for the Small Satellite Boom

With the influx of CubeSats, lower Earth orbit is going to get very busy.


Researchers Are Turning to Game Theory to Tackle Space Debris

Removing space debris is important for securing safe satellite missions.