Space Launch System


NASA's Mars Rocket is Over Budget and Behind Schedule, Audit Finds

“At its current rate, we project Boeing will expend at least $8.9 billion through 2021—double the amount initially planned—while delivery of the first Core Stage has slipped 2½ years.”


Watch a Damn Big Rocket Engine Get Loaded Onto a Damn Big Barge

Check out the inside of the barge for yourself in VR.


An Afternoon With the World’s Most Powerful Rocket Booster

This week, in middle-of-nowhere Utah, a NASA contractor tested the rocket booster that will get future astronauts to deep space. I went.


Watch as NASA Tests the Rocket Motor that Could Take Us to Mars

Scientists will test the motor that will power the Space Launch System rocket booster.


NASA’s New Mars-Bound Space Launch System Is a Go

The rocket that will take the first humans to Mars just passed its design review and is ready for production


This Is the Rocket Engine That Will Take Us to Mars

​The RS-25 rocket engine is so complex, NASA had to burn a few before it learned how to start them.


NASA Chief: 'The Journey to Mars Is Real, and It's Attainable'

NASA administrator Charles Bolden said there is a "growing consensus" at the agency that it will be able to fly humans to Mars in the 2030s.


NASA Takes New Spaceship for a Spin

The US space agency has just launched its first new crewed spacecraft in decades, to test technologies for getting crew to and from Earth safely.


The Ship That Will Take Humans to Mars Takes Its First Flight This Week

Thursday’s test will be unmanned, but it’s still an important step.


Building the Largest Rocket in History Calls for the Largest Tools

Custom-built for its Space Launch System, NASA unveils the largest spacecraft welding tool in the world.


NASA's Next Rocket Is So Big, the Sound of It Launching Could Damage Buildings

But small scale acoustic testing is helping make sure that doesn't actually happen.


Inside the Rocket Engine Powering the Future of Space Exploration

NASA's updated RS-25 engine is powerful enough to to send men and machines beyond Earth orbit to the giant planets of our Solar System. Probably.