space weather

space weather

A Giant Sun Storm During the Vietnam War Likely Exploded Dozens of Mines

“The extreme space weather events of early August 1972 had significant impact on the US Navy, which have not been widely reported.”
Becky Ferreira
A Dose of Good Internet

Watch These Trippy NASA Visualizations of Space Magnetism

They will really make you appreciate the safe planetary harbor provided by Earth's magnetic force field.
Becky Ferreira

Proxima B May Not Be Such a Great Second Home For Humanity After All

Unless you like radiation blasts to the face.
Becky Ferreira
space weather

Solar Flares Interfered With Radio Network’s Ability to Warn People About Hurricane Irma

“It’s sad, knowing you’re trying to get the information out, or maybe someone out there is trying to talk back to you."
Kate Lunau
space weather

Canada Will Study How Solar Storms Threaten Our Energy Grid

“Our technology is getting more advanced, so we’re more susceptible to space weather.”
Kate Lunau
Disaster Forecast

FEMA Is Preparing for a Solar Superstorm That Would Take Down the Grid

The looming threat of extreme space weather has FEMA preparing for the perfect solar storm, and an unimaginable power grid disaster, FOIA documents reveal.
Sarah Emerson
We Totally Meant to Do That

Humans Accidentally Made a Space Cocoon For Ourselves Out of Radio Waves

Praise be to the radio-induced space bubble.
Becky Ferreira
space weather

How Space Weather Can Influence Elections on Earth

The real alien voter fraud is genuinely coming from outside our planet.
Becky Ferreira
northern lights

Space Weather Watch: Keep an Eye Out for Aurora

Nothing to worry about—except for a cool light show if you live up North.
Samantha Cole

How the UN’s Top Outer Space Boss Will Fight Space Debris

Asteroids, space weather, flying junk: David Kendall has his work cut out for him.
Elizabeth Howell

This Satellite Has Been Staring at the Sun for 20 Years

And it's still warning us about Earth-bound coronal mass ejections.
Victoria Turk

New Tool Can Predict Solar Storms a Day in Advance Instead of an Hour

“The new technique takes a closer look at where mass ejections originate from on the sun.”
Jordan Valinsky