spanish cuisine

    • 5.13.16

      Dirty Work: Basque-ing in the Garden with Alex Raij

      Txikito's chef Alex Raij stopped by the MUNCHIES garden to whip up a menu of garlic soup with salted cod, a whole trout pan-seared in olive oil, and tender lettuce dressed with tuna and anchovies.

    • 11.16.15

      The Best Turbot Is Grilled in a Basket and Smothered with Olive Oil

      “The advantage of cooking the turbot whole in a basket is that the skin keeps all the juices inside,” explains Damian Surowiec, chef at Lurra, a London restaurant recreating traditional Basque cuisine.

    • 6.18.15

      Why Matadors Won't Eat Before a Bullfight

      Like bee stings to their keepers, incidental gorings come with the job of being a matador. But even though they are fond of Spanish ham and Manzanilla sherry, they keep their stomachs empty before a fight.

    • 2.13.15

      Hake Kokotxas Al Pil Pil Recipe

      This simple and tasty recipe for kokotxas—essentially fish throats, for the unfamiliar—comes from Michelin-starred chef Dani López.

    • 1.23.14

      Seamus Mullen

      Seamus Mullen is a James Beard nominated chef and owner of Tertulia, a Spanish restaurant located in Manhattan’s West Village. We dropped in to pay him a visit, but Seamus was busy breaking down an entire lamb, so we watched him cut up some organs...

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