sparkling wine

sparkling wine

How to Buy Delicious Sparkling Wine When You’re Broke AF

We had one of Brooklyn's most respected wine directors taste five of the cheapest wines money can buy to find out.
Brad Cohen

Prata Punch

Light, floral, aromatic, with a crisp effervescence, batch this cocktail out and top it off with sparkling wine for your next party.
Anthony Bohlinger

I Survived Solely on Sparkling Wine for a Weekend at the Chateau Marmont

My Chateau Marmont vibe is always, “Drink as much sparkling wine by the pool as possible," but I've got one secret that helps fuel me through delicious bottles of sparkling wine while dodging a seemingly steep bill.
Marissa A. Ross
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Pour Some Fancy Champagne in Your Curry Tonight

This recipe from the masterminds behind LA's Badmaash combines cocktail shrimp with microwave rice and Cristal for one strangely delicious curry creation.
Munchies Staff

Britain Could Soon Have as Many Vineyards as Europe

Get ready to drink pinot grigio made in Newcastle.
Phoebe Hurst

France Is Expected to Produce 10 Percent Less Wine This Year

Unseasonable springtime weather means that French wine production is expected to be down by 10 percent compared to last year’s harvest.
Daisy Meager
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This Cocktail Tastes Like a Dream Vacation

The Prata Punch combines cachaça with violet syrup, strawberry purée, and a top-off of sparkling wine. Who needs a ticket to Rio de Janeiro when you can make this at home?
Munchies Staff

Pairing Wine with Thai Food Isn't as Hard as It Sounds

All food deserves the privilege of good wine. But when a cuisine doesn’t “grow up” with vino, the search for the right bottle gets trickier.
Ashley Ragovin

A Worrying Number of Brits Think Yorkshire Puddings Are from Scotland

A new survey has found that despite 91 percent of Brits describing themselves as “knowledgeable” about food, many fail to correctly answer basic culinary questions.
Munchies Staff

Apparently Drinking Three Glasses of Champagne a Week Is Good for Your Brain

New research from the University of Reading claims that drinking three glasses of Champagne a week can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
Phoebe Hurst

England Loves Wine So Much That It’s Making More of Its Own

Applications to open vineyards in England rose by more than 40 percent last year, and Brits are ready to show off their chops when it comes to winemaking—especially bubbly.
Wyatt Marshall

English Sparkling Wine Is the New Champagne

As the south of England’s climate begins replicate that of Champagne (cheers, global warming), English vineyards are producing internationally acclaimed sparkling wines.
Sorrel Moseley-Williams