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Pelosi won't let Trump use the House for his State of the Union until the shutdown ends

The sparring continues.
Emma Ockerman
government shutdown

Nancy Pelosi had to cancel her trip abroad because Trump told everyone her itinerary

"We made plans to do that until the administration then leaked that we were traveling commercially," Pelosi said.
Rex Santus

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visited Nancy Pelosi’s office — to join a protest

She was part of a climate change sit-in on her first day of orientation for new congressional members
Rex Santus
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Leftist Woodchucks #Resist Paul Ryan by Eating His Car

They moved into the underbelly of the Speaker's Suburban and chewed up the wiring, leaving the SUV "just dead."
Drew Schwartz
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Democrats finally have a shot at taking over Paul Ryan country

The national DCCC endorsed Randy Bryce as the Democratic candidate for Paul Ryan's district. That didn't make the Wisconsin Democrats happy.
Evan McMorris-Santoro
Donald Trump

Throwback Thursday, #WeightGate Edition: Were Paul Ryan's Workout Photos the Real Deal?

In 2011, the now-Speaker of the House posed for TIME Magazine curling 40-pound dumbells. Or did he?
Aaron Gordon

Democrats pissed off more than just Republicans with their House sit-in

The sit-in focused on a proposal to ban people on terrorism watchlists from purchasing firearms, a move that is opposed by civil liberties groups.
Olivia Becker
2016 US election

Paul Ryan ‘Encouraged’ by Meeting With Donald Trump, as Bizarro Circus Unfolds Outside

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday that he had a good meeting with the presumptive nominee, but that it will take more discussion before he can endorse Trump.
Sarah Mimms
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Former House Speaker John Boehner Said Ted Cruz Is 'Lucifer in the Flesh'

"I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life," Boehner told a group at Stanford.
VICE Staff
2016 US election

Paul Ryan Really, Seriously, Absolutely Does Not Want to Be President

The House Speaker held a press conference Tuesday saying that he won't accept the nomination even if it's handed to him, in an attempt at putting months of speculation to rest.
Sarah Mimms
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House Speaker Paul Ryan Has Some Funky Jams for This Weekend's Blizzard

The Republican Speaker of the House is livestreaming the storm from his balcony in DC, complete with a really killer soundtrack.
Brian McManus

Australia In 2015: Why We Feel Better About Nothing Changing

Over the past 12 months we haven't fixed our national problems, but we did a great job of pretending to.
Lee Zachariah