Special Counsel


Eric Holder Is Touring Early Primary States to Get People to Care About Gerrymandering

The former attorney general under President Obama would have written the special counsel regulation differently.


Mueller Speaks: Charging Trump with Obstruction Was "Not an Option"

That’s not exactly what Attorney General William Barr said.


Mueller found 10 instances of potential obstruction, but Barr cleared Trump anyway

Attorney General William Barr repeated Trump's "no collusion" claim.


Democrats want the full, unredacted Mueller report — and they want it now

They're not accepting the attorney general's promise of a mid-April redacted release


Mueller report did not find that Trump campaign conspired with Russia, attorney general says

The attorney general says that the special counsel's report did not find Trump colluded with Russia or obstructed justice, and that there are no more indictments planned in the case. ​


Trump’s inauguration is under serious scrutiny from New York prosecutors

"They can try to fire Bob Mueller, but they can't fire the Southern District of New York."


Why Roger Stone's indictment could be bad news for Donald Trump Jr.

This is what Stone's indictment really could mean.


5 things we just learned about Trump's pick for attorney general

"I believe it is vitally important that the Special Counsel be allowed to complete his investigation," Barr wrote.


DOJ officials said Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker should recuse himself from the Mueller probe. He’s not going to.

"Acting Attorney General Whitaker has stated publicly and repeatedly that he is deeply committed to the rule of law."


Here's why Trump's pick for attorney general doesn't think he should be investigated for obstruction of justice

"If embraced by the Department, this theory would have potentially disastrous implications not just for the presidency, but for the executive branch as a whole and for the department in particular."


Michael Cohen pleads guilty to new charge in Mueller investigation

Robert Mueller finally got Michael Cohen.