sperm whales


Researchers Had ‘No Idea’ Killer Whales Could Dive This Deep

South Atlantic killer whales have destroyed their own record for deep dives—by 1,000 feet.


This Sperm Whale Relocation Is Further Evidence They Have a ‘Culture'

Two vocal clans around Galápagos took up and left. Others moved in.


The Surprising Similarities Between Whales and Primates

A whale biologist reports from the world’s biggest primatology conference.


A New Sperm Whale 'Culture' Was Just Identified in the Caribbean

Two clans of whales use different dialects to communicate.


Sperm Whales Speak in Local Dialects, Study Finds

Want to get in with a sperm whale clan? Learn to speak their language.


A Whale Blasted an Ungodly Amount of Ass Ham All Over Some Divers

The whale flipped onto its side and started spinning in circles while engulfing the divers in shit, creating what one of the divers called a "poonado."


Sperm Whale Shit Will Make You Rich

Our planet pumps out an ungodly amount of poop every day, but few of those turds—if any—are as valuable as the mysterious and rare fudge dragons dooked out by sperm whales. What makes sperm whale ass ham so damn expensive?