Rachel Dolezal could go to jail for 15 years for welfare fraud and perjury

Washington state began investigating Dolezal when an official learned she’d written a book about her experiences.


Polish Death Metal Band Decapitated Accused of Gang Rape

Court documents made public Monday say that the band sexually assaulted a woman after a show in Spokane, Washington.


Polish Metal Band Decapitated Arrested on Suspicion of Kidnapping

The arrest was made in Los Angeles yesterday after an incident Spokane, Washington on September 1.


Weed Is More Popular Than Food in This Washington County

The average household in Spokane County may still spend more on beer than bud, though.


Rachel Dolezal Resigns From NAACP Post Over Allegations She Posed as Black

The activist has resigned amid claims she misled people about her racial heritage, but said she was not "quitting" the movement for human rights.


Rachel Dolezal Just Resigned from the NAACP

Her statement says that "challenging the construct of race is at the core of evolving human consciousness."


Washington Civil Rights Activist Outed as White by Her Parents

Social media has latched on to the odd case of a local civil rights activist who claimed she was black when she isn’t, according to her estranged family.


Is It a Problem That the Price of Legal Weed Is Falling?

Collapsing pot prices in Washington State mean now the real fun—and danger—of legalization is upon us.


Cops and Hippies: Buzz Osborne's Tour Diary, Part Two

The Pacific Northwest is full of memories of Mudhoney and asshole cops.


People Are Getting Busted for Growing 'Legal' Weed in Washington

Larry Harvey, 70, and his family, got felony trafficking charges for growing pot on their property, despite having medical marijuana papers.