sports are good sometimes


Kansas's Frank Mason III Dedicates Senior Night to Son

Frank Mason III played his last game at Phog Allen, and his son Amari saw him play for the first time.


Against Duke, Maine Men's Basketball to Protest North Carolina's Transphobic Bathroom Law

Maine partnered with the You Can Play campaign to wear shirts to protest North Carolina's HB2 law this weekend agains Duke.


Former Baylor Star Isaiah Austin, Diagnosed with Rare Genetic Disorder Before 2014 NBA Draft, Is Cleared to Play Again

Diagnosed with Marfan syndrome two years ago, it looked like he might never play basketball again. Now Isaiah Austin has been cleared to play again.


Five-Year-Old Celtic Fan Calls Team to Ask for Forgiveness After Missing Home Game

He goes to every game but he had to skip the most recent one because it was his friend's birthday.


Ohio State Coach Calls Parents to Tell Them Son Will Be Starting RB, Parents Freak Out

Not everything about sports is terrible. Sometimes it's good for a smile.


Sometimes Sports Are Good

There was a very nice and cool display of sportsmanship during Leicester-Man City over the weekend.


Caron Butler on the Hustle (Part 2)

In the second part of a two-part series, Caron Butler shows VICE Sports how he rebounded from his life as a drug dealer to become a first-round NBA draft pick.