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The NFL's Growing Class Divide Could Undermine a Potential Player Strike

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says a labor walkout is necessary to get concessions from league owners. But the have-and-have-not economy fostered by the 2011 CBA may make a strike less likely.


The Plot to Disrupt the NCAA with a Pay-for-Play HBCU Basketball League

The multibillion-dollar college sports industry exploits African-American athletes and has left historically black schools behind. Some people think there's a better way.


The Nazi Sibling Rivalry That Divided a Town and Created Modern Sportswear

By creating Adidas and Puma, the Dassler Brothers divided both their families and their home town, all while changing sports forever.


Party Next Door: How the Young Bucks Revolutionized Professional Wrestling

WWE has a larger stranglehold on professional wrestling than ever before. Two brothers found a way to beat the machine, and show how independent wrestlers can succeed on their own terms.


If Raw Is In TV Ratings Trouble, Can Pro Wrestling Be Far Behind?

Pro wrestling is at a creative and cultural high point, yet television ratings for the WWE's flagship show are in the toilet. Does that bode ominously for the future?


Big Ten Schools Are About to Cash In, But Don't Expect Athletes to See Any Money

Big Ten athletic departments are about to a massive influx of television rights fees. Where will the money go? Everywhere but to athletes.


The Second Round of the NBA Draft Is Broken, But Not Beyond Repair

Right now, it makes far more sense for a player to go undrafted than to be selected in the back half of the NBA draft's second round—what some agents have started calling the "dead zone."


Even If the Sports Cable Bubble Bursts, You Probably Won't Save Money

Disney's reported $1 billion planned investment into BAM Tech, MLB's streaming-video company, is one of many reasons to believe that even in the era of cable cord-cutting, fans will still pay premium prices for sport broadcasts.


How To Sell A Soccer Team, Or The Rebirth Of The Boston Breakers

The Boston Breakers are trying to build a winning women's soccer team, and win some fans, as a new addition to a crowded sports marketplace. It's a process.


David Roth's Weak In Review: The Game At The Eye Of The Storm

A difficult and dull NFL season is shrinking towards its end. The four teams left offer a good reminder of why we care about all this in the first place.


David Beckham's Path to a MLS Stadium in Miami Just Keeps Getting Twistier

From downtown waterfront, to an empty lot in Overtown, Miami Beckham United has not exactly taken the Miami political scene by storm in their efforts to get a stadium built.


How StubHub Screwed Over a Laker Fan But He Lived to Tell The Tale

Jesse Sandler bought tickets to the Lakers' final home game of the season on StubHub. Then Kobe announced his retirement, and everything went sideways.