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A Long-Lost Tax Plan Scares Sports Teams and Could Save America Billions

How a proposed federal law from 1995 could end America's hopeless addiction to spending billions of taxpayer dollars on sports stadiums.
Patrick Hruby

New Congressional Bill Would Strip Sports Leagues of Nonprofit Tax Status

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a former BYU kicker, has introduced a bill that would revoke the 501(6)(c) tax-exempt status of "major professional sports leagues."
Steve Silver

Baseball's Forgotten Brotherhood, The First Athlete Union in American Pro Sports

In 1885, baseball players revolted against low pay and the reserve clause, forming a union and creating their own league. They ultimately failed, but their struggle still resonates.
Brian Blickenstaff
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Why NBA Teams Get Stuck on the Draft Lottery Treadmill

The Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers won the 2016 NBA Draft Lottery, but can they escape return trips? League history and player evaluation mistakes suggest it won't be easy.
David Berri
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College Coaches and Administrators Are Too Busy Paying Themselves to Pay Athletes

The people who run big-time college sports claim there simply isn't enough money to pay athletes. Totally coincidentally, they also give themselves large and ridiculous bonuses.
Kevin Trahan
college sports

Four Years A Student-Athlete: The Racial Injustice of Big-Time College Sports

While the NCAA’s rules governing college athletes are colorblind, the impact of amateurism is anything but—disproportionately costing black football and men's basketball players and benefiting white stakeholders by as much as $2 billion a year.
Patrick Hruby
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Screwing Over Sports Ticket Buyers? There's An App For That

The Minnesota Timberwolves recently joined the New York Yankees in requiring a phone app ticket system that puts a price floor on resales. Fans have responded with a lawsuit. If this is the future, who actually benefits?
Neil deMause

Is the NFL Really About to Move Back to LA? Yes, No, and Maybe

The St. Louis Rams, the Oakland Raiders, and the San Diego Chargers are seeking NFL permission to move to Los Angeles. How serious are they, and how will they make money if the public won't finance a new stadium?
Neil deMause

VICE Sports Q&A: "Billion-Dollar Ball" Author Gil Gaul

In the new book "Billion-Dollar Ball," Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gil Gaul takes a hard look at the massive amount of money flowing through big-time college football.
Patrick Hruby

Basketball’s Gender Wage Gap Is Even Worse Than You Think

While NBA players are paid about 50 percent of league revenue, WNBA players appear to earn 33 percent.
David Berri

Why The NBA's Claim That Teams Are Losing Money Doesn't Add Up

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says a "significant number" of league teams are losing money, despite soaring revenues. Here's why that's hard to believe.
David Berri

Are The Milwaukee Bucks Serious About Moving To Seattle, And Would It Be Bad If They Did?

Like every other sports team ever, the Milwaukee Bucks are threatening to skip town if taxpayers don't fund a new stadium. How serious is the threat?
Neil deMause