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How sports betting became legal thanks to a New Jersey horse track

Since a Supreme Court ruling in May, five states have legalized sports gambling and three more are looking into it
Roberto Ferdman
sports gambling

Trump Admin Invites New Jersey to Allow Citizens to Gamble Freely

The Solicitor General urged the Supreme Court to reject New Jersey's sports gambling case, and left open the door for a gambling free-for-all.
Steve Silver
Donald Trump

How Donald Trump's SCOTUS Pick, Neil Gorsuch, Could Shape The Future of Sports

In the near future, the Supreme Court could hear important cases on legalized sports gambling, college athlete pay-for-play, and Deflategate-style arbitration. Here's how Trump's new nominee could tilt the legal playing field.
Steve Silver
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The Supreme Court Just Asked The Trump Administration To Weigh In On Legal Sports Betting In New Jersey

​New Jersey's long-shot bid to legalize sports betting has reached the Supreme Court, and could be hurt or helped by Trump's pick for Solicitor General.
Steve Silver

Throwback Thursday: The Other Black Sox Baseball Gambling Scandal

The 1919 Black Sox scandal is a baseball and pop culture touchstone, but a lesser-known 1927 case involving many of the same players arguably did more to change the course of baseball history.
Brian Blickenstaff
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: When Gamblers Tried to Fix the NFL Championship

In 1946, gamblers asked two New York Giants to throw the NFL championship game, touching off a scandal that in some ways still resonates.
Brian Blickenstaff
Match Fixing

"Just Ask Anybody": Searching for Match-Fixing in Minor League Tennis

If you want to understand why professional tennis is vulnerable to corruption and match-fixing, spend some time with the sport's underpaid minor leaguers.
Brian Blickenstaff
new jersey

The Shield Stands Alone: Why Does the NFL Hate Sports Gambling?

Every major American sports league is starting to favor legalized sports gambling. Except for the NFL. A rigorous review of the league's history reveals why.
Ryan M. Rodenberg

The New Face of Sports Gambling Is 'Kelly in Vegas'

Sports gambling has long been dominated by men, but Kelly Stewart, a.k.a. KellyinVegas, is well on her way to becoming one of the world's most popular handicappers.
Brian Tuohy

How to Fix an NFL Game

Everyone assumes that fixing a major sporting event is almost impossible, which is exactly what would make it so easy to pull off.
Brian Tuohy