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Christine Blasey Ford Presents Award to First Gymnast to Speak Out Against Nassar

Ford presented Sports Illustrated's Inspiration of the Year award to Rachael Denhollander, who brought the first of more than 160 allegations of sexual abuse against Larry Nassar.
Marie Solis
So Brave!

So Brave: Sports Illustrated Releases a #MeToo Swimsuit Issue

The magazine's iconic swimsuit issue will finally end the objectification of women with a nude photo shoot where "models were as much participants as objects."
Sara David
The Rundown

Colin Kaepernick Got an ACLU and Sports Illustrated Award for His #TakeAKnee Activism

Your guide to the NFL protests, what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff

When JFK Fat-Shamed America's Youth: Throwback Thursday

In 1960, President-elect John F. Kennedy wrote an article for Sports Illustrated titled "The Soft American," warning that the nation was producing too many large, doughy boys. For better and for worse, his ideas continue to resonate.
Aaron Gordon

Man Amongst Boys: The Oral History Of Bryce Harper's Record-Setting Junior College Season

The MVP's most unprecedented move came long before he made the major leagues.
Mike Piellucci
Muhammad Ali

Ali Remembered: A Collection of Stories About the Passing of an Icon

The passing of Muhammad Ali has inspired numerous remembrances and obituaries. We collect some of the best.
VICE Sports
Mike Francesa

Please Enjoy Mike Francesa Lose it Because Sports Illustrated Put Messi on the Cover

"Where is the summer of soccer gonna be? I have no idea."
Sean Newell
VICE vs Video games

Is the ‘Madden Curse' Real, or Just Amazing Bad Luck?

We spoke to NFL analyst Michael Carlson about the risks players take by appearing on the game's artwork.
Sean Cleaver

Darren Sharper's Rape Spree Shows Why Athletes Get Away With Crimes

A damning investigative report shows how police and prosecutors repeatedly failed to end ex-NFL player Darren Sharper's serial violence against women.
Jessica Luther

Was the Greatest April Fools' Joke in Sports History Borrowed from a Poem?

George Plimpton's legendary article the "The Curious Case of Sidd Finch" is a masterpiece of sportswriting. It also owes a lot to the poetry of Kenneth Koch.
Jordan Davis

LeBron James and All the Shit He Has to Deal With

It's no secret that James wants to be seen a certain way, but whether or not he's earned the reputation he seeks is unclear.
Colin McGowan

The VICE Podcast - How Genes Affect Athletic Performance

Reihan Salam sits down with David Epstein, former senior writer at Sports Illustrated, to chat about the ways that human biological diversity impacts athletic ability, and how this understanding could affect the future of elite sports.
Reihan Salam