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Craig Sager And The Radical Act Of Caring: David Roth's Weak In Review

In a frightened and frightening moment, it can be difficult to get anyone to admit to caring about anything. But everyone cared about Craig Sager.


Ball Four, You're Out: How A Classic Baseball Book Became A Failed Baseball Sitcom

Jim Bouton's "Ball Four" still stands as the best, funniest, most revealing baseball memoir ever written. It was also a short-lived CBS sitcom, and a bad one.


That's Just Great, Or Watching The Rio Olympics: David Roth's Weak In Review

Find the struggle and even the strangest events in Rio become familiar. But real greatness, of the Simone Biles/Michael Phelps/Katie Ledecky variety, is something else.


David Roth's Weak In Review: The Stories We Tell

This was not a great week for FOX's World Series broadcast, and not just because of technical difficulties. For sports on TV, showing and telling are at odds.


The Ghastly Glory of New Japan Pro Wrestling

The craziest, most violent, most reprehensible, and best show in combat sports is New Japan Pro Wrestling. Which, somehow, is now a thing you can watch on TV.


The NBA Playoffs Need More Doris Burke

The NBA Playoffs, and sports media in general, tend towards loud overstatement and hot takes. All the more reason to celebrate Doris Burke, who doesn't.


Loving, Hating, and Missing Lou Holtz

Lou Holtz was, by most standards, a pretty terrible broadcaster. But college football will be a little quieter and a lot less interesting without him.


NBC is Betting Big on British Soccer

The Peacock's wager on the Premier League is already paying off.