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Bionics, Gene Doping, and Brain Training: What's Next for Human Engineering in Sports?

We talked to 'The Body Builders: Inside the Science of the Engineered Human' author Adam Piore about the future of medicine, technology, and performance-enhancement in sports.


Could Claims That '20 Years of Brain Studies Are Wrong' Be Wrong?

We talked to experts about a PNAS study on fMRIs that went viral, and what it means for what we know about brain injuries in sports.


Why Are Sports Researchers So Scared of Menstruation?

We don't know how menstruation affects female athletes' performance, because studies don’t tend to track women throughout their cycles.


A Swansea Fan Made off with Jordi Amat's Shirt—and a Sports Scientist Wants its GPS Back

One of the detriments of giving away one of today's modern jerseys.


Are the Promises of Concussion Blood Tests Getting Ahead of the Science?

It's not clear blood tests are a solution to the problems with concussion tests, but that isn't stopping companies standing to profit from saying otherwise.


When Will Soccer Finally Embrace Psychology?

Mental health experts around the game believe much will be gained when soccer clubs look at psychology the same way they do sports science.


Jeter Ties Wagner, Dewey Defeats Truman

Derek Jeter and Honus Wagner played the same position, but not the same game.


Why Soccer Players Hate AstroTurf

For fifty years, AstroTurf has been the bane of many an athlete's existence.


Why Soccer Players Hate Astroturf

Every World Cup game ever played has been played on real, living, photosynthesizing grass. Until now.


[Video] Tim Cahill And The Future Of Athlete Analytics

In episode 7 of our wearable tech series "Make It Wearable: The Concepts," we're looking into Catapult, a company that works in precision engineering at the intersection of sports science and analytics.