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The Cybathlon: Where Paraplegics Walk Again

Engineers are designing exoskeletons and other robotic devices that help paralyzed people, but the real question is who's going to pay for them. Enter an athletic competition unlike any other.


Dutch FA Planning to Use Fingerprint and GPS Technology in Fight Against Football Hooligans

In an attempt to tackle anti-social behaviour at football games, the Dutch FA plans to introduce a device that registers the identity and location of banned fans on match day.


What Happens Next For Championship Manager Wonderkid Cherno Samba?

In the early noughties, Cherno Samba was the ultimate acquisition on the Championship Manager soccer simulation game. In reality, he never quite lived up to his virtual billing, though he still has endless potential for greatness.


Wendell Lira Trades the Real Soccer Pitch for the Virtual One

Lira spent ten years bouncing around various soccer leagues in Brazil. Now the 27-year-old believes professional gaming can be as financially lucrative as his soccer career—if not more so, given the financial situation of many Brazilian clubs.


The Boom-Or-Bust eSports Format Works For Developers But Screws the Athletes

The dirty secret of the esports industry is how so many players' livelihoods depends on one competition a year.


​Esports' History And Trajectory Can Be Told By All The Rules It Has Broken Along The Way

Competitive infractions have dissipated as brand-saving measures are on the rise. What does that mean for where esports are heading?


Will ESIC Be the Organization to Enforce Competitive Integrity in Esports?

We've heard this sales pitch before. The Esports Integrity Coalition is the latest organization to position itself as a force to save esports from the pitfalls—doping, match-fixing, corruption—that could consume them.


How Esports Can Survive When the Sponsorship Bubble Bursts

The money is coming in fast and furious, but greater financial diversity is needed.


Can Madden 17 Save Sports Commentary in Video Games?

The only thing worse than sports commentary is sports commentary in video games. But the next edition of EA's flagship franchise could change that.


EVO, The World's Biggest Fighting Game Competition, Is Grassroots Esports At Its Best

This weekend, the best fighting game players in the world will descend on Las Vegas. It's not as corporate as you'd expect.


The ECS Counter-Strike Finals Show How Esports Live Events Are A Breed All Their Own

The production value may be similar to traditional sports, but the intricacies and quirks of a esports event are uniquely theirs.


Overwatch Has Rejuvenated Blizzard and Esports' First-Person Shooter Scene

Blizzard's latest blockbuster has lived up to the hype so far. How big it gets from here depends on the developer—and the players.