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The Four Most Inspiring Opening Paragraphs In Sportswriting, 2016

In a difficult year, sportswriting showed us truth and beauty. These 100 percent real paragraphs did it in ways we'll remember long after the calendar turns.
David Roth
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The Minutiae Man: Paul Lukas and the Uni-verse

"I didn't want it be a design column that happened to be about sports. I wanted it to be a sports column that happened to be about design. I wanted to create a new sports beat." With Uni Watch, that's exactly what Paul Lukas did.
B. David Zarley

The Five Most Inspiring Opening Paragraphs In Sportswriting, 2015

There was a lot of great sportswriting in 2015. Here are the five paragraphs (from totally imaginary feature articles about various athletes) that inspired us most.
David Roth
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Eduardo Galeano and the Art of the Elegant Fact

Eduardo Galeano wrote passionately, perceptively, and lucidly about a great many topics. But no one has ever written about soccer quite like he did.
Colin McGowan

The Death and Afterlife of Sports on Earth

The recently dismantled website has died, but its mission of putting out quality sportswriting lives on.
Howard Megdal

An Open Letter to a Young Sports Blogger Looking to Get Paid

A slightly older sports blogger shares his advice.
Robert Silverman
World Cup

What Americans Can Learn From an Ex-Brazilian Soccer Player Turned Sportswriter

Americans are, for the most part, soccer neophytes who learn about the game from the English. Why don't they try and listen to the Brazilians for once?
Brian Mier
The Mercy Rule

The Least Important Important Thing

A VICE Sports columnist bids farewell.
David Roth
The Mercy Rule

The Least Important Important Thing

I would not and should not be writing about sports if I didn't think they were a way to better understand and enjoy a complicated moment-to-moment existence—not to mention a pretty righteous excuse to tell that existence to fuck off for a couple hours...
David Roth