Spray Paint


Red Star Belgrade Welcomes Arsenal to the Post-Apocalypse

That's incentive enough for Arsenal to aim for something higher than fourth place in the EPL, huh?


Your LaCroix Seltzer Obsession Is Now Officially Art

Is this the millennial answer to Warhol's Campbell's Soup?


A DC Mural Honors 16 African-American Heroes Throughout History

Aniekan Udofia refreshes his iconic homage to Black history on the wall outside Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington, DC.


These Meticulous Still Lifes Are Our Apartment Goals

Casey Gray’s trompe l'oeil still lifes go on display at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco.


A Huge Gold Installation Flips the New York Stock Exchange Upside Down

David Spriggs explores cultural associations with the color gold in an ephemeral installation.


Pixels Dance in a Massive Video Installation at the New York City Ballet

His towering video installation is at Lincoln Center through February.


Massive Spray Paintings Turn Tagger Tools into Fine Art Ammo

Katharina Grosse's energetic paintings owe the tagger's aerosol bottle for its unique textures.


Finally: A Documentary on Female Graffiti Artists

For the past three years, Alexandra Henry has traveled the world filming and interviewing an all-female group of graffiti stars.


A Smart Spray Paint Can Allows Anyone To Paint Massive Murals

Artists can paint a massive, life-like mural without even knowing what they are supposed to be painting beforehand.


Kabul’s Female Graffiti Master on the Power of Art

Shamsia Hassani breaks rules and spray paints buildings in her quest to bring art to Kabul.


Friends Are Mean to Each Other in Today's Comic by Benjamin Marra

In today's installment of 'What We Mean By Yesterday,' a guy holding a can of spray paint feels especially powerful—so he decides to become a cop.