• 3.13.18

      Confetti Cake Recipe

      The perfect birthday cake doesn't need to come out of a box.

    • 1.28.18

      Chocolate Chunk Sprinkle Cookies with Sea Salt Recipe

      These chocolate chunk cookies are made even more special with colorful sprinkles and a touch of sea salt.

    • 9.13.17

      Australia, We Need to Talk About Fairy Bread 

      There’s one Australianism that can’t be excused by weather or geography: Fairy Bread. It's nothing more than triangles of white bread covered with butter and topped sprinkles, but it's simple, nostalgic, and a minimal-effort substitute for real cake.

    • 3.27.16

      Homemade Funfetti Cake Will Turn Your Easter Brunch into a Party

      Now that we're a little bit older, we find ourselves making cake from a box a little bit less frequently than we used to. But that doesn't mean that we couldn't use a little fun in our cake, dammit.

    • 8.24.15

      Funfetti Tres Leches Recipe

      You probably remember the colorful, vanilla-flavored joy of Funfetti cake from childhood. This is the grown-up version, with a tres leches twist.

    • 6.22.15

      The Age-Old Question of Whether Jimmies Are Racist

      There is dissent as to whether the term strictly applies to chocolate sprinkles, but far more importantly, there is disagreement over whether the term is racist. Some of those who grew up with the word now refuse to use it.

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    • 1.26.15

      Fairy Bread Recipe

      Celebrate Australia Day with processed carbs, butter, and sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles.

    • 8.27.14

      I Turned the Fat Jew Into a Human Cake

      When the Fat Jew visited my Brooklyn pastry kitchen, we naturally gravitated towards discussing consuming kale in private places and eating desserts off Rob Lowe. But then, the inevitable happened, when I turned him into a human cake.

    • 6.6.14

      Cry-Baby of the Week

      This week: A woman called the police because there weren't enough sprinkles on her ice cream.