You Need to Read 'American Spy,' the Obama-Approved Spy Novel That's the Anti-James Bond

Lauren Wilkinson's debut novel is a time-hopping thriller that examines Harlem's gentrification and the experience of Black women.


No, China Hasn’t Hijacked Canadian Sea Sensors to Spy on US Subs

A report from the 'South China Morning Post' got the alt-right all bothered, but a fact-check shows otherwise.


A Mixup Let a Stranger Watch a Woman Through Her Security Cameras

Shelan Faith got a "terrifying" letter warning her that a stranger could see her, her child's room, and people ringing her doorbell through her home security cameras.


I Was MI6's Top Spy Inside Al Qaeda

We met with Aimen Dean, who spent a decade making bombs for the jihadi group.


A U.S. Embassy worker in Moscow was caught leaking information to the Russians

"We figure that all of them are talking to the FSB, but she was giving them way more information than she should have."


The Best Part of 'The Americans' Is Its Brutally Strong Women

Elizabeth and Paige Jennings are archetypes of female resilience.


Pablo Escobar's Brother Says He Met an FBI Agent Posing As Satoshi Nakamoto

Roberto Escobar launched “Dietbitcoin” and released a 280-page memoir.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Tillerson out as secretary of state, House Republicans say no evidence of collusion, UK accuses Russia of attacking former spy, and more.


White House won't blame Russia for attack on former spy, but Rex Tillerson will

A former Russian double agent and his daughter were poisoned in the UK last week


The Mysterious Radio Stations Broadcasting Secret Messages

"Numbers stations"—which you can tune into at home—are widely thought to be transmitting coded messages to spies around the world.


UK Cops May Soon Be Able to Remotely Disable Phones Even if No Crime Has Been Committed

The power relates to phones suspected of being used for drug dealing, but in some cases, a phone can be disabled even if no offense has taken place.