• 9.24.14

      London's Original Graffiti Artists Were Poets and Political Revolutionaries

      Roger Perry spent the late 60s and early 70s photographing their work. His long out-of-print photo collection, The Writing on the Wall, charted London's early graffiti scene. The book is finally being republished this week.

    • 6.6.13

      Zurich's Infamous Binz Squat Is No More

      On Friday morning, Zurich authorities entered the Binz, Switzerland's most infamous squat, with the intention of ending its seven-year run. However, when they turned up, instead of being met by a horde of Molotov-wielding anarchists, they discovered a...

    • 3.8.13

      Too Binz to Fail

      Almost seven years ago, a group of squatters called the Schoch family took over some former factory buildings in Zurich's Binz neighborhood. Last February, the city announced that they were planning on massacring the party by converting the building...

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    • 1.12.13

      Pooping in Trash Bags with London's Squatters

      Will the cultural vibrancy of squatting, which offers many young Londoners the "economic amnesty" to pursue their art, be crushed by "Weatherley's Law," which bans squatting in residential properties? We met a bunch of urban homesteaders to find out.

    • 12.2.12

      White Girl Immigration Problems

      The oppression of a language barrier is not to be underestimated. As privileged white American people who idly study Spanish as a second language in public school, we take this for granted. Especially if you are, like me, decently educated and...

    • 4.4.12

      The Big-City Communes of Barca

      Since social services are scant, hippies and punk rockers have stepped in to provide for Barca’s swelling population of working-class homeless people.

    • 12.1.05

      Tim Yo Is Dead!

      How great is MRR? I grew up reading it in the 80s and I can see a lot of it in this magazine.