St. Johns

college basketball

30 Years Later, Mullin and Ewing Face Off Again in the Garden

Georgetown and St. John's faced off last night at Madison Square Garden, each team now coached by a legend hoping to rebuild his alma mater's legacy.
Howard Megdal

Inside the Freezing-Cold Lab Where Scientists Practice Arctic Icebreaking

Temperatures dip down to -25°C (-13°F).
Drew Brown

Check Out Charlotte Day Wilson's Photo Diary of Her Awe-Inspiring Newfoundland Adventures

These images from this year's Lawnya Vawnya festival will have you booking a trip to east coast Canada immediately.
Charlotte Day Wilson

Newfoundland Chefs Are Finally Free to Buy Fish Fresh Off the Boat

Since the 1950s, chefs and consumers alike in Newfoundland were only allowed to buy fish from processing facilities, rather than straight from their coastal waters. That all changed this week.
Ivy Knight

Cod Tongues Have Always Been a Part of Me

I would spend summers as a child in Newfoundland on the wharf with my grandfather, splitting and gutting fish and—because they would be thrown away otherwise—I cut out the cod tongues and sold them to tourists as a local delicacy.
Jeremy Charles
deep dives

Electronic Music Promoters In Newfoundland Are Trying to Keep “Skeets” Away By Throwing Safer Events

The influx of the skeet subculture in St. John's is why some promoters are throwing invite-only dance music events.
Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis

This is the Best Flop In Ages

This flop is one of the great flops of our lifetime. It is an unstoppable flop.
Sean Newell

Why Canadian Sex Workers Won't Report Rapes to the Police

Despite widespread concern about reports of gang rapes of sex workers in Newfoundland, those at risk of being attacked haven't looked to the authorities for help.
Sarah Ratchford