St. Louis County


Ferguson protest leader found shot to death inside burning car

Darren Seals, a prominent figure during the protests in Ferguson, was reportedly found inside a charred vehicle north of St. Louis.
Keegan Hamilton

A Ferguson City Councilman Died — And the Vote to Replace Him Is Split Along Racial Lines

Three black City Council members want the job to go to a black woman, while two white members are throwing their support behind a white man.
Eric Berger

A Veteran Black Cop Talks Police Militarization and the Racial Divisions Still Plaguing Ferguson

A former sergeant in the St. Louis County Police Department who served on the Ferguson Commission, Byron Watson reflects on changes in the infamous suburb since Michael Brown's death in August 2014.
Alex Zimmerman
officer involved

Police Say a Ferguson Man Shot Himself But Many People Are Skeptical

Police say a man from Ferguson shot himself in the nearby town of Normandy, but many people who claim to have witnessed the incident are challenging the official version of events.
Avi Asher-Schapiro

Arson Suspected After Five Fires in Ten Days at Black Churches in St. Louis

Federal authorities are investigating after a string of suspicious incidents that have involved the front doors of churches in predominantly black areas of St. Louis being set ablaze.
Atoosa Moinzadeh

Why Fixing Ferguson Requires Toppling the Many Fiefdoms of St. Louis County

There are 92 municipalities, 82 municipal courts, and 58 police departments in St. Louis County, but consolidating the chaotic hodgepodge is easier said than done.
Olivia Becker

Darren Wilson Probably Wasn't Even the Worst Cop in Ferguson

A long 'New Yorker' profile offers us a glimpse into the world of the man who shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown this time last year. The former cop styles himself something of a tragic figure.
Matt Taylor

The City Next to Ferguson Is Even More Depressing

Kinloch, Missouri, was once a thriving African American community, but after years of poverty and corruption it's in danger of turning into a ghost town.
Ben Westhoff
officer involved

Video Shows St. Louis County Police Kill Man Allegedly Armed With Knife and Bible

Police released footage of a "Tactical Operations Unit" responding to a call from the mother of a man who had locked himself inside the family's house near Ferguson.
Olivia Becker

What's Next for the Ferguson Police Department?

It's unclear if the recent resignations will result in anything more than a bunch of headlines.
Justin Glawe

St. Louis Suburbs Ferguson and Jennings Sued Over ‘Debtors Prisons’ Criminalizing Poverty

Class action lawsuits slammed the cities of Ferguson and Jennings for making millions of dollars by persecuting residents with an endless cycle of violations, fines, court fees, and arrest warrants.
Alice Speri

Grand Juror in Ferguson Case Wants the Right to Speak Up and Is Suing the Prosecutor to Get It

A lawsuit filed Monday claims the public record needs to be corrected after St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch mischaracterized the Ferguson case.
Alice Speri