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Chips Soccer Podcast Episode 15: Mo Stadiums Mo Problems

In this episode of Chips, Aaron and Will discuss how new stadiums can change a league's landscape and what it means for fans attending games.
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Raiders Inch Closer to Las Vegas, Who Knows What's Going on With the Chargers

The NFL's Stadium Committee and Finance Committee both met today to (mostly) discuss the Raiders potential move to Las Vegas.
Sean Newell
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​Russian Official Charged with Stealing Money from World Cup Stadium Project

Marat Oganesyan is accused of embezzling 50 million rubles from a controversy-riddled Russian stadium project.
Dave Brown
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Jesse Ventura On Trump, Weed, Kaepernick, And Governing Minnesota

Twenty years after he stunned the political world by becoming Minnesota's governor, the iconoclastic former wrestler sounds off on the presidential election, third party politics, and how a tax on legalized gambling could pay for sports stadiums.
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Atlanta's New Football Stadium Promises Urban Renewal, But Locals Have Heard That Before

When Atlanta's Georgia Dome was built in 1991, it failed to revitalize disadvantaged nearby neighborhoods. Will the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz Stadium produce better results?
Stephen Knox
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D.C. United's Very Bad, No Good Bluff

D.C. United, with perhaps the worst bluff in the history of bluffs, threatens to move to Loudon County, Virginia
Aaron Gordon

Minnesota Disunited: The Fight Over an MLS Stadium in Minneapolis

The fight over MLS in Minneapolis involves feuding ownership groups, feuding government bodies, and feuding stadium plans.
Elliott Turner

The New York Times Ran a Terrible Piece on Stadium Financing and We Are ON IT

The Grey Lady of journalism tried to cover the new DC sports stadium, and the Grey Lady failed. Hard.
Aaron Gordon