Rihanna Is Absolutely Terrified of the Navy

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Meet the Taylor Swift Stan Who Went to Jail for Refusing to Join the IDF

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Turns Out Eminem Is Himself a Stan

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Eminem’s “Stan” Gave a Face and Name to Fandom

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'Where's My Red Pen,' Today's Comic by Michael Sweater

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'Please Keep Warm,' Today's Comic by Michael Sweater

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The Dictionary Finally Recognizes Your Standom

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Nicki Minaj Might Be a Diva, But She Still Stans Like the Rest of Us

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Some Loon Quoted Eminem's "Stan" on Tinder and He Shockingly Didn't Get Laid

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Modern Films and TV Shows Get Recreated as Retro VHS Tapes

Blast back to the past with these VHS versions of 'Breaking Bad,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' 'Interstellar,' and 'Game of Thrones' from Parisian hipster, nostalgia-junkie, and pretend artist "Stan."