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California Is Passing a Law to Prevent Another Brock Turner Sentencing Controversy

The new law, which unanimously passed the California State Assembly Monday, would require prison time without parole for anyone convicted of raping an unconscious person.
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Stanford's New Liquor Ban Is Already Controversial

The school is banning liquor at most campus parties for undergrads, but critics argue the ban ducks the real problem: rape culture in America.
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This morning, Bernie Sanders denies Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in DC, Axl Rose asks Google to remove "fat" photos of him, and more.
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Meet the Scientists Using VR to Tackle Climate Change

'The Crystal Reef' is a virtual reality film by scientists-turned-filmmakers.
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Former House Speaker John Boehner Said Ted Cruz Is 'Lucifer in the Flesh'

"I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life," Boehner told a group at Stanford.
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Most Humans Are Aroused by Robots, Study Says

More than 90 percent of the participants showed some kind of arousal after touching the bot's butt and robo-cock area.
Gabriella Lewis
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I Asked a Biological Weapons Expert How Far-Fetched Metal Gear Solid’s Genome Soldiers Really Are

Stanford's Dr. Steven Block reveals that Hideo Kojima's PlayStation original was remarkably prescient in its presentation of future troops.
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A Stanford Medical School Student Was Arrested for Poisoning Her Classmates' Water Bottles

The suspect had recently sought psychological care and has claimed to be suffering from insomnia, dizziness, depression, and "a disconnection from reality" at the time of the poisonings.
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These Machines Will Teach You to Draw Whether You Like It Or Not

We might not be able to mainline judo like 'The Matrix,' anytime soon, but Saurabh Datta's machines could help you learn to play the piano by hijacking muscle memory.
Emerson Rosenthal