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Artificial Intelligence

DeepMind's 'StarCraft' Victory Was as Worrying as It Was Impressive

A dominant performance in StarCraft shows how much AI is advancing, but on whose behalf?
Josh Tucker
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Game Launches to Remember, or to Try and Forget

Major release dates can be celebrations of what's best about games, or reminders of their worst frustrations.
Rob Zacny
Starcraft 2

Google and Blizzard Are Teaching an AI to Beat You at ‘StarCraft 2’

DeepMind is finally about to show 'StarCraft' fans how a real machine plays.
Connor Trinske
Starcraft 2

Blizzard's 'StarCraft 2' War Chest Rips a Page from the 'Dota 2' Compendium

It only took the better part of a decade, but Blizzard is finally making a Compendium equivalent for ‘StarCraft 2’
Rob Zacny
Competitive gaming

Learning The Bizarre Digital Body Language of 'Botolo'

Competitive video games are often so complex that they can lose a bit of the human drama of performance. 'Botolo' represents another way.
Nicole Carpenter

Having Conquered 'Go,' Google's DeepMind AI Takes on 'StarCraft II'

Google's DeepMind partners with Blizzard to create an AI API that'll be available next year.
Leif Johnson

'StarCraft' Mod Makes Zerg Rushes Cuter Than Ever

Mod based on CarbotAnimation's StarCrafts set to hit StarCraft 2 on October 11.
Leif Johnson
VICE vs Video games

This Is What eSports Will Be Like in 2016

"People watching other people play video games professionally has no ceiling in sight," according to veteran eSports journalist Rod "Slasher" Breslau.
Mike Diver

9 People Have Been Arrested for Fixing 'StarCraft' Matches

Pro players, organized crime, and a journalist have been implicated in a match-fixing scandal.
Emanuel Maiberg
VICE vs Video games

It Was Once the Biggest eSport in the World, so What’s Happened to ‘StarCraft’?

Blizzard's RTS title has slipped from the headlines as MOBAs have become dominant in the eSports scene.
Matt Porter
VICE vs Video games

Six Ways in Which ‘Heroes of the Storm’ Is Incredible

Blizzard's brand-new MOBA is now out in the wild, and it's shaping up to be one of the best games in its field.
Mike Stubbsy
VICE vs Video games

The Greatest Moments in Blizzard Entertainment History

To mark the full release of "Heroes of the Storm" VICE Gaming looks back at the standout story scenes of Blizzard's games so far.
Matt Porter