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This Dating Service Will Flirt for You, But It Will Cost You

For a hefty price, they’ll build your profile, and even flirt on your behalf. VICE News tested out the service.
Caroline Pahl
Evan McMorris-Santoro
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This App Is Like an Uber for Grandkids

Old and lonely? The startup called Papa will send over a college kid for companionship
Brady Welch
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

For MoviePass, Losing Money Was the Plan All Along

On this episode, we discuss the company's controversial business plan, and what it actually does with your data.
VICE Staff
somethingsomething pun

That Sketchy Steven Seagal-Endorsed ICO Is Under Siege By State Regulators

"Bitcoiin" has run afoul of the law in New Jersey.
Jordan Pearson
Hot investment opportunities

Own One-Sixth of a Porsche With This Blockchain Luxury Company

TEND was founded by a former Credit Suisse banker.
Jordan Pearson
No Really Why?

Meet the Woman Who Created a Coffee for Dogs Called ‘Rooffee’

Agota Jakutyte, the product’s creator, assured me she’s serious.
Louise Matsakis
Desus & Mero

The Bodega Boys Are Just as Upset About That 'Bodega' Vending Machine as You Are

Desus and Mero flame the controversial startup that plans to eliminate corner stores.
Sarah Bellman
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Seattle's new bike-sharing program is a lot like legal bike theft

Dexter Thomas
food waste

This Startup Turns Beer Waste into Fancy Vegan Smoothies

Wasting beer is not cool—but maybe beer waste is.
Becky Hughes
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We toured the tech-food startup that Target just stopped carrying

Tech-food startup Hampton Creek is being accused of buying it's own products.
stop it

Dear Startups: Fuck Your Nerf Battles

Nerf gun fights are tech culture's stupidest tradition.
Sarah Emerson
Creators: 50 States of Art

Meet the Artist-Run Incubator Empowering Makers in Indiana

Consuelo Poland writes about her experience running RUCKUS Makerspace in Indianapolis.
Consuelo Poland