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How Startups Are Selling Stressed-Out Millennials on the Promise of Sleep

Startup brands are trying to convince a generation of tired, anxious, financially unstable young people that they can buy a good night's sleep.
VICE Staff

This Startup Lets You Put Things That Remind You of Your Ex in ‘Cold Storage’

Instead of setting fire to everything, ExBox by MakeSpace wants heartbroken lovers to send their ex's stuff to them.
Samantha Cole
Money Goals

How to Get Venture Capital Funding for a Startup If You're Not a White Dude

Businesses run by women get just two percent of all venture dollars in the US. These founders and investors are working to change that.
Anita Hamilton

San Francisco Is Fighting the Scooter Trend With Poop and Vandalism

After years of being a testbed for startups, San Francisco is fighting back by literally smearing shit on scooters.
Sarah Emerson

San Francisco's Bizarre Scooter War Shows How Tech Companies Ignore the Law

Yet another startup-led trend has resulted in a massive backlash and threats of regulation.
Ashwin Rodrigues
digital divide

Startup Thinks Its Tethered, Internet-Beaming Blimps Can Bridge the Digital Divide

SoftBank-backed blimp startup Altaeros thinks floating internet infrastructure can do more than emergency relief.
Kaleigh Rogers

What I Learned as a Privileged Person Working in Marginalized Communities

Valuable lessons for trying to be a social innovator.
Michael Farber

WeWork Gave Over $1 Million to New York City Entrepreneurs for Social Good

The Creator Awards, which toured six cities before wrapping in New York in November, offers members and non-members the chance to compete for social impact project funding.
Cayte Bosler
The Rundown

Why the Lord & Taylor Flagship Store Closing is a Big Deal for Your Job in Ten Years

Your guide to the future of jobs, what’s working, what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff
what are you doing

This High School Dropout Is Lighting up NYC's Dark Fiber

Pilot brings high speed internet to other small businesses.
Kaleigh Rogers

This Coworking Space Helps Startups Achieve Their Missions for Social Good

The Centre for Social Innovation is like a Russian nesting doll of social impact movements.
Eric Kingrea
what about the cats

We Asked Bodega Workers What They Thought of the Startup That Wants to Make Them Obsolete

Mom and pop aren’t sweating it.
Kaleigh Rogers