Congress opts to keep supporting brutal war in Yemen, but activists say “tide is turning”

Congressional leaders sought to use the Saudi crown prince’s much-touted visit to press the White House and its powerful ally to end the spiraling war.
Alexa Liautaud
Dan Ming

Mass starvation threatens the lives of 20 million people in Horn of Africa, UN warns

David Gilbert

As Food Supplies Dwindle, ISIS Tells Its Fighters to Eat Less

ISIS told its followers to just eat one meal day—and they decided to call it a religious fast, rather than what it really is: a desperate means of coping with increasing food shortages after intense battles in and around Mosul took out large amounts of...
Alex Swerdloff
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Venezuela's currency is almost worthless


Climate Change Is Stranding Hundreds of Dying Baby Sea Lions in California

The ripples of climate change are being seen all around the world, but it’s not often they wash up on our very doorstep.
Sarah Emerson

'Thousands of People May Have Starved to Death' in Syria, Warns UN

The stark reality check from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights came as the organization prepares to deliver life-saving aid to about 154,000 besieged Syrians in the next five days.
VICE News and Reuters
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A Palestinian Journalist is Close to Death, 92 Days Into One of World's Longest Hunger Strikes

After three months without food, doctors warn that Palestinian prisoner Mohammed al Qiq risks organ failure and internal bleeding that could result in sudden death.
Harriet Salem
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‘They Will Die There': Video Shows Starvation Inside Madaya Clinic Run by a Vet

VICE News obtained video and photos from inside the tiny makeshift clinic in the besieged Syrian town of Madaya. The only doctor has been forced to flee and there are virtually no supplies.
Louise Callaghan
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How an American Family Ended Up Starving in the Besieged Syrian Town of Madaya

At least five US citizens, including three American-born children, are struggling to survive a Hezbollah-imposed siege that has left Madaya sorely lacking in food and medicine — and with no means of escape.
Avi Asher-Schapiro
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UN Says 400 Starving Syrians Need to Be Evacuated From Besieged Town of Madaya

A day after delivering food and supplies to Madaya, the UN's humanitarian coordinator for Syria said he saw people there that looked like "skeletons."
Samuel Oakford and Avi Asher-Schapiro

The Starving Syrian Town of Madaya Is Finally Getting Food Aid

Madaya, 25 kilometers northwest of Damascus and 11 kilometers from the Lebanese border, has been besieged by Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah since July. Cut off from access to food, some residents in...
Wyatt Marshall
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Aid Trucks Head for Besieged Syrian Town of Madaya

A UN and Red Cross convoy carrying food and supplies departed Damascus to relieve starvation conditions in the besieged town, while other convoys attempted to deliver aid to the towns of Foah and Kefraya near Idlib.
Reuters and VICE News