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Black Oregon Lawmaker Said a Woman Called 911 on Her for Campaigning

Janelle Bynum was apparently acting "suspicious."
River Donaghey
sexual harassment

Arizona House expels lawmaker accused of harassment by 9 women

An investigation found Rep. Don Shooter "engaged in a pattern of unwelcome and hostile conduct"
Alexa Liautaud
Noisey News

Killer Mike Honored By State of Georgia, Makes Extremely Dope Speech on Senate Floor

Mike and his namesake tunnel-boring drill, Driller Mike, were officially recognized by the Georgia Senate on Friday.
Alex Robert Ross

Britain's Secret Surveillance (Trailer)

Coming soon: VICE News searches London for IMSI catchers — a secret surveillance tool for spying on thousands of phones simultaneously.
the people speak

Should Religion Stay Out of Politics? - The People Speak

In this episode of 'The People Speak,' VICE News traveled around the world to ask people about the role of church in state.

We Asked Our Political First Daters About the Victorian Election

Earlier this year we sent some women from Young Labor on a date with some guys from the Young Liberals. Now we get their thoughts on Victoria's state election.
VICE Staff
Opinion and Analysis

Islamic State Terror Spreads Whether or Not You Watch Execution Videos

Twitter cannot stymie Islamic State propaganda by banning graphic images of James Foley's death, but there's no good reason to watch him die.
Natasha Lennard

Atheists and Religious Conservatives Battle Over the Right to Preach Politics in Church

An atheist group sued the IRS over its failure to police churches guilty of politicking. They settled, but the religious right is not happy.
Alice Speri
Motherboard Blog

How an Anti-NSA Campaign Took Over the Internet

A call to reform the agency's surveillence programs in the name of Aaron Swartz is the most popular thing on the Internet today.
Daniel Stuckey

Ten Radically Futuristic Ideas in Obama's State of the Union Address

The president got a little sci-fi with some of the ideas he proposed in his big speech last night. SOTUs are notorious for being lofty wishlists, so consider these proposals Obama's wildest political fantasies.
Brian Merchant and Alex Pasternack
Motherboard Blog

The Fine Art of Selling Drone Diplomas

Despite hundreds of institutions, universities, and community colleges getting in on the unmanned-training game, only three US schools offer full drone piloting degrees. Here's how they sell it.
Brian Anderson

We Don’t Always Get the War We Want

It’s four in the morning on my 38th birthday, and I am staring up at the thatched roof of a small jungle clinic in Karen State of eastern Burma, the home of the world’s longest-running armed conflict—a 63-year civil war between the Burmese army and the...
Rob Swain