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It Seems a White Nationalist Managed to Pass the State Department's Background Check

An officer in the Bureau of Energy Resources allegedly went to Charlottesville and recruited for a white nationalist organization.
Tess Owen
White Nationalism

The State Department Just Suspended an Alleged White Nationalist Who Attended Charlottesville

A U.S. State Department official was moonlighting as a white nationalist leader in Washington, D.C., according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Tess Owen
White Nationalism

State Department Official Moonlit as a White Nationalist Leader and Attended Charlottesville, Report Says

He also hosted prominent racists and Holocaust deniers at his home in Virginia and spread Nazi propaganda online, according to Hatewatch.
Tess Owen

Maduro's Police Just Towed an Opposition Leader's Car — with Him Still in It

“The dictatorship has kidnapped the Vice President of the Assembly at the hands of his political police,” Juan Guaidó tweeted.
David Gilbert

Why It’s So Hard to Charge White Nationalists with Terrorism

A judge agreed to release a white nationalist Coast Guard lieutenant last week after prosecutors couldn’t charge him with a more serious crime.
Tess Owen
Profiting from the presidency

These Foreign Governments Got Leases in Trump World Tower after the Inauguration

The State Department approved the luxury-unit rentals, without approval from Congress
Rex Santus

Maduro blasts U.S. as diplomats defy his order to leave

The White House says it no longer recognizes Maduro as Venezuela's president so will not comply with the order.
David Gilbert

A former Marine was arrested in Russia on suspicion of spying. His family says he was just attending a wedding.

His relatives learned of his detention from media reports.
Emma Ockerman
3D Printed Guns

There’s an international manhunt underway for 3D-printed gun activist Cody Wilson

He's been charged with a second-degree felony for sexual assault of a minor.
Tess Owen
gun violence

States are suing to get 3D gun blueprints offline that have already been downloaded thousands of times

The blueprints were set to go online Aug. 1, but the uploads started early.
Tess Owen
money brain

Dump Your Bank and Join a Credit Union Instead

If your bank is taking too much of your hard-earned cash in fees, all while denying you decent interest rates on your checking and savings accounts, it may be time to switch to a credit union.
Gina Ragusa

Trump's Failure to Hire People Is Doing Serious Damage

The understaffing of his administration is going to have long-term consequences, experts warn—we just won't know what those consequences will be.
Mark Hay