state of emergency


GOP senators may support Trump's emergency declaration — even though they hate it

“I think many of my colleagues know they’re being inconsistent, but they feel that politically they’re in a bind.”


3 ways Trump's national emergency declaration could die

It's increasingly looking like a no-win situation for the president — except with his base.


Trump declares national emergency to "unlock" $8 billion for his border wall

President Trump's move is sure to ignite a legal battle.


The Sky Is Actually Falling in New York City's Crumbling Subways

You can now add "ceiling collapse" to your already long list of potential subway horrors.


Sri Lanka just blocked Facebook to stop anti-Muslim violence

Social media has "been used to destroy families, lives and private property.”


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Obama officials slam Trump's lies about calling soldiers’ families, Florida declares emergency ahead of Richard Spencer speech, and more.


Inside a safe injection site that breaks the law but prevents overdoses

Toronto activists started an illegal safe injection site to prevent opioid overdoses.


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Obama slams Trump's DACA decision as ‘cruel' and 'wrong,' North Korea threatens more nuclear tests, Trump declares state of emergency in Florida and US territories, and more.