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The Sky Is Actually Falling in New York City's Crumbling Subways

You can now add "ceiling collapse" to your already long list of potential subway horrors.
Lauren Messman
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama officials slam Trump's lies about calling soldiers’ families, Florida declares emergency ahead of Richard Spencer speech, and more.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama slams Trump's DACA decision as ‘cruel' and 'wrong,' North Korea threatens more nuclear tests, Trump declares state of emergency in Florida and US territories, and more.
VICE Staff

Inside a Hospital For Turtles

Please respect turtles.
Jordan Pearson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

New York's Subway System Is Officially in a 'State of Emergency'

After massive delays and a derailment that injured at least 34 people, Governor Andrew Cuomo is pledging $1 billion to put the MTA back on track.
Drew Schwartz

What Does It Mean to Live in a Perpetual State of Emergency?

We asked a lawyer about the effects, and possible long-term benefits, of living in France during a time of heightened national security.
Grégory Vieau

Why 2002 Was Possibly the Most Important Year in Video Gaming History

From 'Hitman 2' to 'Vice City' via the second Metal Gear Solid, the gaming landscape was changing for the better.
Ed Smith

I Still Don't Get Why Police Searched My House After the Paris Terror Attacks

Under France's state of emergency, police have the right to search your house if they believe you've been in touch with someone who might be a threat to national safety. That's what happened to Bruno.
Bruno, as told to Matthieu Beigbeder

What Are the Implications of France Declaring a State of Emergency?

Jean-Hugues Matelly, lieutenant colonel of the Gendarmerie, explains what happens when the police and authority powers in France are given extended power during a crisis like the terrorism attacks in Paris.
Ilyass Malki
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Game Reviews - The Corporate Issue

State of Emergency the game was on the news – everywhere.
Ed Biscuits