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Pennsylvania is trying to loosen sex abuse laws after scathing report on 300 Catholic priests

"We want future victims to know they will always have the force of the criminal law behind them, no matter how long they live."


Why Harvey Weinstein Still Isn't Being Investigated for Sexual Assault in California

The disgraced producer is facing criminal probes in New York and London, but not in his home state. There are many reasons a survivor may not come forward—statute of limitations still applies to sexual assault cases from before 2016.


Yet Another Woman Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Sexual Harassment

Following two explosive reports into decades of the famed producer's sexual misconduct, another woman has come forward with her story of harassment. Her attorney Gloria Allred says that Weinstein's promise to seek therapy is "not enough."


Survivors See Cosby Mistrial as Evidence for Why Women Don't Report Assault

After Bill Cosby's trial ended in a mistrial on Saturday, survivors and advocates point to fundamental issues in the judicial system that prevent sexual assault victims from seeing justice.


California Is Removing the Statute of Limitations for Rape

The so-called Cosby Bill would allow for the indefinite prosecution of rape and other sex crimes in the state.


California Bill to Allow Rape Victims to Pursue Justice Without a Time Limit

Norma, a 40-year-old woman living in California, says she was raped over 20 years ago. Despite the evidence against her assailant, she can't press charges because too much time has passed—but a new law may ensure that doesn't happen to future victims.


Alleged Cosby Victims Testify Against the Rape Law That Failed Them

This week, multiple women who have accused Bill Cosby of rape came together to help push forward a bill that would eliminate California's ten-year time restriction on reporting sexual assault.


Bill Cosby Received His First Sexual Assault Charge This Morning

Weeks before the statute of limitations deadline, Pennsylvania prosecutors have brought a first-degree felony sexual assault charge against the beloved comedian, who was accused of drugging and assaulting a woman in January 2004.


Inside the Fight to End California's Unfair Restrictions on Reporting Rape

Senator Connie Leyva is fighting California's statute of limitations law, which prevents the prosecution of rape cases after 10 years. The issue has been brought to light in the wake of the allegations against Bill Cosby, but Sen. Leyva says she is...


Bill Cosby Is Being Forced to Testify About an Alleged Sexual Encounter from 1974

On October 9, the once-beloved sweater-clad sitcom icon will speak about the time he allegedly took a 15-year-old girl to a Playboy Mansion party.


How a French Robber Almost Got Away With the Perfect Heist

A burglar wanted in million-dollar holdup was finally nabbed by authorities after he failed to brush up on the French penal code before he came out of hiding.