• 10.7.15

      How Two Men Got Rich Off Liquid Ass, the World's Most Disgusting Smell

      In the words of its inventor, the product is a potent combination of "butt crack, kind of a sewer smell, with a hint of dead animal."

    • 7.3.15

      Kobayashi Taught Me to Be a Champion Hot Dog Eater

      With America's Independence Day rapidly approaching, it's (almost) time for hot dogs and grilling. I called up Kobayashi, perhaps the greatest competitive eater of all time, to show me how to eat as many wieners as possible.

    • 9.7.12

      Shooting the Shit

      War reeks. If smells can sometimes act as forceful memory triggers, it’s no surprise that militaries found a way to robotize the stink and use it as a tool of deception, dispersion, or fear.

    • 8.15.12

      Solar-Powered Toilets of the World: A Comprehensive Guide

      Bill Gates just gave a $100,000 cash prize to designers of a toilet that has solar panels that break down poop and pee. In honor of their recent success, we present to you the other solar-powered toilets of the world. In the future, this is where we...

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