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How a Small Budapest Publishing House Is Quietly Fueling Far-Right Extremism

When the alt-right wants to put an academic imprimatur on racist ideas, it turns to Arktos Media.
Tess Owen

Reality Stars on Whether Trump's White House is as Dramatic as Reality TV

One day you're in, and the next day you're out.
Mitchell Sunderland

A 21st Century 'Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth'

The strange story of a decades-long quest to recreate Earth in miniature and why it’s integral to our future as a species on and off the planet.
Daniel Oberhaus

Political Data Mining During Brexit Is Under Investigation in the UK

"What is happening now is just a fraction of what will become possible in the future."
Nicole Kobie
Donald Trump

The Strange History of Steve Bannon and the Biosphere 2 Experiment

Here’s what happened when Trump’s chief strategist was given a mock Earth.
Samantha Cole
Donald Trump

Critics Accuse Trump of Supporting White Supremacy with Bannon Appointment

Confirming his critics' worst fears, President-elect Donald Trump has named the former CEO of Breitbart, who has an open history of racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism, as his chief strategist.
Diana Tourjée
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Paul Manafort Is Getting Off the Trump Train

The campaign chairman is calling it quits after a rough stretch where his past work abroad came under scrutiny and new hires diminished his power.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Donald Trump Put a Sarah Palin Superfan in Charge of His Campaign

Donald Trump just brought in Breitbart News executive Stephen Bannon to run his campaign, and chances are that means Trump will amp up the outsider and nationalist rhetoric.
VICE Staff