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Keanu Reeves Told Stephen Colbert What Happens When We Die

Keanu is my new religion.
River Donaghey

Gayle King Gave Stephen Colbert the Bizarre Background Story to Her R. Kelly Interview

It involves a Christmas tree kept since 1993 and a rogue makeup artist that captured the photo of a decade.
Taylor Hosking

Watch Ellen Page Call Out Mike Pence’s Homophobia on ‘The Late Show’

Page said the US vice president “has hurt LGBTQ people so badly” and “wishes I couldn’t be married.”
Manisha Krishnan

Governor Defends North Carolina’s BBQ After Stephen Colbert Calls It “Flavor-Deprived”

“We think Colbert is amazing when it comes to his commentary, but he can use a little work when it comes to his culinary.”
Jelisa Castrodale
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Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst Just Released a Whole-Ass LP Together

The two singer-songwriters released their self-titled debut as Better Oblivion Community Center overnight, after a performance on 'Colbert.'
Alex Robert Ross
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Stephen Colbert Loves Chance The Rapper and Childish Gambino in a Nerdy Way

In a new video, the lovable late-night host traces the 'Acid Rap' single "Favorite Song" back to Gilbert and Sullivan's 'H.M.S. Pinafore' and J.R.R. Tolkein's 'Lord of The Rings.'
Alex Robert Ross
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Nicki Minaj Gives Stephen Colbert a "Barbie Dreams" Verse of His Own

Colbert was flustered.
Alex Robert Ross
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Armie Hammer Is Getting Bombarded by Peach-Wielding Fans

"I get handed at least a peach or two almost every stage door."
Nicole Clark

World-Record Orgy Attempt Fails to Get Enough People to Come

After boasting it would draw more than 1,000 people to a "monumental" sex party, the event wound up, uh, underperforming.
Drew Schwartz
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Even the Actor Who Plays Apu Thought That 'Simpsons' Apology Was Awful

Hank Azaria said that stepping aside to let a South Asian actor play the character "certainly seems like the right thing to do."
Drew Schwartz
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Kacey Musgraves Brings a Mellow "Slow Burn" to 'Colbert'

The country star appeared on network TV a few hours before her brilliant new album, 'Golden Hour,' was officially released.
Alex Robert Ross
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David Byrne Suggests 'Jared Kushner: The Musical' to Steven Colbert

"Everything that Jared does takes him closer to what happened to daddy," Byrne said. "He can’t stop it."
Alex Robert Ross