Stephen Harper


Donald Trump Said a Very Dumb Thing to Justin Trudeau

No, Canada did not burn down the White House in the War of 1812.


Canada’s New Conservative Leader Is Pro-Pipeline and Anti-Carbon Tax

We looked into Andrew Scheer’s take on environmental issues. Here’s what we found.


Canada’s Censored Scientists Are Helping American Researchers Resist Trump

They faced nearly a decade of muzzling under Stephen Harper. Now they’re helping counterparts in the US fight back.


Controversial Keystone XL Pipeline Comes Back to Life With News of Trump Win

Facing protests over the environment, Obama killed the Keystone XL pipeline. Now it could be back.


Watch This Shitty Canadian Politician in a Shitty Political Rap Video That's Shitty

It's like a one-man Canadian version of 'Hamilton' but bad. Like, REALLY bad... and shitty.


Stephen Harper Rides Into the Sunset as Canada's Right Wing Reinvents Itself

One of the longest-serving G7 leaders is doing his political swan song, and his party seems unsure of whether to fête him, or forget him.


A Very Canadian Corruption Scandal Is Fizzling Out

Senator Mike Duffy brought down the prime minister's right-hand man and stood trial for bribery and fraud. But, now, he's a free man, and will be returning to Canada's scandal-prone upper chamber.


Canada Strikes Down Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Law for Drug Traffickers

The law amounts to "cruel and usual punishment."


After a Decade of Fighting Tax Havens, Canada Has Only Managed to Prosecute 71 People

The Panama Papers have turned everyone's attention to fighting offshore bank accounts and shell companies — but it's not an easy problem to fix.


Canadian Diplomats Call Bullshit on Trump’s China Rhetoric

The Canadian embassy in Washington has been watching the primary race closely, and they're skeptical of some of Trump's tough talk on China.


Cross-Border Bro-Down: Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau Meet in DC

The last time there was this much fanfare about Canadians coming to Washington, it was two centuries ago and they tried to burn down the White House.


'A Canadian Is a Canadian': Liberals to Repeal Law That Strips Terrorists of Citizenship

The controversial Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, imposed by the previous Conservative regime, allows the government to revoke the citizenship of dual nationals who have been convicted of offenses related to spying, treason or terrorism.