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A Tennessee County Wanted to Sterilize Inmates for Shorter Sentences. That's Over Now.

One former inmate says he refused a vasectomy and was required to serve an additional 30 days
Emma Ockerman

Climate Change May Practically Sterilize Male Insects

Male reproductive damage under heat wave conditions could be contributing to biodiversity declines in the Anthropocene.
Becky Ferreira
reproductive rights

'We Were Thrown Out, Half Dead': The Horror of Peru's Forced Sterilizations

In the 90s, hundreds of thousands of Peruvian women were forcibly sterilized as part of a government operation. Over a decade on, the Quipu Project is helping to gather the horrifying testimonies of the victims.
Franki Cookney

How Young Is Too Young to Be Sterilized?

When Holly Brockwell was 26, she told her doctors she wanted to get her tubes tied; for four years, they refused to perform the procedure on her, saying she might regret it later. Were they right?
Diana Tourjée

Why Eradicating Earth’s Mosquitoes To Fight Disease Is Probably a Bad Idea

Hint: no one knows for sure what the consequences would be.
Melissa Cronin

This Woman Says a Hospital in Canada Pushed Her to Undergo Sterilization

Saskatoon Health Region has apologized after Brenda Pelletier and Tracy Bannab went public with stories of being pressured to consent to tubal ligation surgeries. One woman was sterilized.
Tamara Khandaker

The Infamous 1968 'Population Bomb' Doomsayer Still Stands by His Claim

Even though England is still totally here.
Jordan Valinsky

The Threat of Sterilization Is Darkening Europe's Transgender Quest for Identity

In 19 countries in Europe, transgender people are forced to undergo surgery and sterilization in order to legally change their gender, a practice that has been widely condemned as outdated and abusive.
Kieran Guilbert
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Iran's Quest to Boost its Population Might Also Involve Crushing Women's Rights

Proposed laws in Iran would restrict contraception, ban sterilization, dismantle state-funded family programs, and allow discrimination against single female job applicants.
Sally Hayden

Kenyan Women With HIV Are Suing Hospitals and Aid Organizations Over Forced Sterilizations

Five HIV-positive women are suing Doctors Without Borders and other groups over sterilizations that allegedly occurred without their knowledge or proper consent.
Johnny Magdaleno
asia & pacific

Health Workers in India Are Using Pink Dildos to Encourage Men to Use Condoms

India's social conservatism makes it difficult for most people to talk frankly about sex, whether in the case of birth control or in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.
Sonia Paul
united states

Some US Victims of Forced Sterilization Are About to Be Compensated — But Most Aren't

US states sterilized more than 60,000 people in the 20th Century, but only North Carolina has passed legislation to compensate victims.
Payton Guion