Steve Hindy


One of the World's Top Culinary Schools Is Now Brewing Craft Beer

The Brewery at the Culinary Institute of America was created in partnership with Brooklyn Brewery, which has been a longtime advocate for the better treatment of beer within the American dining scene.


Craftwerk: Brooklyn Brewery

In the inaugural episode of our new series Craftwerk, meet Steve Hindy and Garrett Oliver, the duo behind Brooklyn Brewery.


Deported Detroit Ice Cream Seller 'Doesn’t Deserve To Be a US Citizen,' Says the Man He Abducted

Steve Hindy talks to VICE News about the man accused of abducting him, and killing two peacekeepers, during the Lebanese Civil War in 1980.


Detroit Ice Cream Man and Alleged Murderer of Irish Soldiers Faces Deportation

I was with the ill-fated UN peacekeeping patrol in Lebanon on April 18, 1980, when they were abducted by Mahmoud Bazzi and a group of militiamen from the Israeli-supported South Lebanon Army.