Steve Martin


'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' Is the Perfect Thanksgiving Movie

John Candy and Steve Martin's holiday classic is as heartwarming as it is hilarious.


Fake Art Heists and Big Ceramic Dicks: Last Week in Art

Also, Banksy is getting his largest-ever exhibition in Rome, and the CIA and Steve Martin have great art collections.


Jerry Seinfeld Is Real and He's Spectacular, According to @Seinfeld2000

I would finally get to find out what he thinks 'Seinfeld' would be like if it was still on TV today with brand new episodes every week, just like back in the day.


If You Think Your Tweet Might be Racist, Chances Are Someone Else Will Too

Justine Sacco got fired from her lofty position as communications director for a major corporation after tweeting a racist "joke," Steve Martin had to apologize for a joke he tweeted about black names, and an NFL player is in trouble for yet more...


Norman Seeff's Throwaways Are Fine Art

Passion Will Get You Everywhere


Chris Nieratko

Lots of interviews with people who've had crazy shit happen to them.