Steve Reich


These Two Experimental Pieces Feel Like They Can Slow Down Time

Alvin Lucier's 'Criss Cross / Hanover' and Steve Reich's 'Pulse / Quartet,' continue several decades of their time-twisting compositional experiments.
Colin Joyce
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Bing & Ruth on Finding the Humanity in America Again

On their new album, 'No Home of the Mind,' the ambient ensemble find themselves on the cusp of avant-garde greatness. But really, they just want to be human.
Lewis Gordon

British Exhibit Argues That Minimalism is the Music of America

A new exhibition explores how Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Adams created a uniquely American sound.
Abby Ronner
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Dekmantel 2017 Announces Full Lineup, Featuring Pretty Much Everyone Interesting in Dance Music

The festival will open with a performance from legendary minimal composer Steve Reich.
Angus Harrison
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Frank Ocean's List of Favorite Songs Includes Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, and Kraftwerk

He included the information in his 'Boys Don't Cry' zine.
Alexander Iadarola
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Sasha Goes Minimalist Composer on New Album 'Scene Delete'

"This album is acting as a split in my career."
Alexander Iadarola

Darkside’s Dave Harrington Shares Unreleased Beyoncé & Michael Jackson Remixes

Get in the holiday spirit with this "12 Days of Remixes" advent calendar.
Max Mertens

Improving Your Rhythm? There's an App for That

Try keeping the beat to Steve Reich's "Clapping Music" composition. We dare you.
Matthew Sedacca

[Exclusive Premiere] 'The Clock' Creator Christian Marclay Cuts a New Audiovisual Artwork

Marclay combines music and movie clips into "Fade to Slide" a piece commissioned by Bang on a Can All-Stars—and the result is pure jazz.
Emerson Rosenthal
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Lorna Dune's "Covalent Bond" is a Love Song From a Science Geek Who Happens to Write Dance Music

The Brooklyn minimal wizard shares the first track off her upcoming album 'Transmutation.'
Michelle Lhooq

A CGI Monkey Sees Sounds and Hears Colors in This Synesthesia-Inducing Film

Filmmaker Frédéric Bonpapa transposed the contemporary stylings of Steve Reich into a short film complete with its own CGI monkey.
Becky Chung
Longreads Or Whatever

Vodka, Groupies, and Private Jets: Partying with Classical Musicians Is Cooler than Hanging out with Rock Stars

Nights with the likes of Currentzis and Gergiev sound a lot more fun than partying with Mumford and Sons or Clean Bandit.
Peter Culshaw