Steven Blaney


Anonymous Vows to Keep Leaking Canadian Spy Secrets Over Police Shooting

Following the death of protester James McIntyre in BC earlier this month, #CCLeaks released a document purporting to be about Canada's foreign spying operations.


Civil Liberties and Media Advocates Have Filed A Legal Challenge to Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Law

The organizations are asking that the court declare five sections of the bill as overly broad, vague, and inherently incompatible with Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Canada's Controversial Anti-Terrorism Bill Is More Unpopular Than Ever

Of the Canadians who are aware of C-51, 56 percent oppose the bill while just 33 percent endorse it, according to a new poll.


Another Suspected Islamic State Sympathizer Was Arrested in Canada

Authorities allege the arrested man was plotting an attack on financial buildings and the US consulate in Toronto.


A Royal Canadian Mounted Police Report Said Anti-Oil Activists Were National Security Threats

We spoke to some environmental and aboriginal activists to see if they were worried about a coming crackdown.


Canada’s New Anti-Terror Bill Gives the Government Sweeping New Powers

Documents called "disruption warrants" will let Canada's spies do just about anything in the name of stopping terrorist attacks.