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My Incredible, Agonizing Quest to Find the Worst Movie on Netflix

It's easy to find bad movies on Netflix, but truly, exquisitely terrible films are trickier.
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That Sketchy Steven Seagal-Endorsed ICO Is Under Siege By State Regulators

"Bitcoiin" has run afoul of the law in New Jersey.
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Steven Seagal Is Promoting ‘Bitcoiin,’ Which Has Nothing to Do With Bitcoin

Seagal pivots to trash crypto.
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Steven Seagal Thinks NFL Protests are "Disgusting," In Case you Were Wondering

A real-life Bond Villain wants to destroy freedom of speech.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Steven Seagal Receives a Pre-Oscars Honor Against a Backdrop of MMA Fights

A celebration for "one of Hollywood's First Mixed Martial Artists" and a different era of entertainment.
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Executive Decision: Putin Grants His Friend Steven Seagal Russian Citizenship

In the culmination of an almost decade and a half-long bromance, the Russian leader has finally made his favorite actor a citizen of his country.
Sarah Kurchak
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Putin Just Gave Steven Seagal Russian Citizenship

The 90s action star has previously called Putin "one of the great living world leaders" who he considers a "brother."
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Steven Seagal

The Critical Guide to Steven Seagal: Out for Justice, Back for Dinner

Steven Seagal dominated the straight-to-video action film market for the best part of a decade with his aikido based fight scenes. We take a look at one of Seagal's master works from a modern martial arts and political perspective.
Jack Slack

Watch Steven Seagal Teach MMA to Anderson Silva

The world may never know if Stevan Seagal is actually legit. Watch this video from 2010 and try to decide for yourself.
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The Martial Arts-Fueled Bromance Between Steven Seagal and Vladimir Putin

In 2003, action star Steven Seagal bonded with Russian President Vladimir Putin over a statue of Kanō Jigorō. Ten years later, Putin tried to convince Obama to make Seagal an honorary ambassador of sorts between their two nations.
Sarah Kurchak

Martial Art Pretenders: A History of Imitators and Snake Oil

Inspired by Steven Seagal's reappearance in the MMA world, we take a look back at some of the most famous and bizarre embellishers, frauds, and nutjobs in martial arts history.
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Steven Seagal Is the Lamest Guy Ever

In a 2002 profile in <i>Vanity Fair</i>, martial artist Gene LeBell claimed he choked out Steven during an Aikido exhibition, causing Seagal to poop in his pants. Steven denies it ever happened.
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